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About The Sidings

We pride ourselves on forging meaningful connections with both you and your beloved pet or horse, striving to deliver continuity of care. This commitment is evident across both The Sidings and our partner, The George Veterinary Hospital, meaning we provide seamless access to patient records for out of hours emergencies, supported by the same warm and familiar team.

As an independent veterinary practice, we maintain autonomy and flexibility in our service delivery, allowing us to prioritise your pet's individual needs above all else. At the heart of our Practice is a strong ethos of compassion and empathy, guiding every aspect of our operations and interactions with both animals and their owners. Our approach to pet consultations is unhurried and thorough. An appointment with one of our vets spans a generous 15 minutes, ensuring ample time for you to share all your concerns and for us to listen and address them with care and attention.

Our veterinarians boast extensive experience in both small animal and equine care, with many years of dedicated service in their respective fields. We promote the professional growth and development of our staff, recognising that their knowledge and expertise directly benefits patients and clients alike. Our nursing team and support staff are not only friendly and approachable but are also trained to a very high standard, ensuring the highest level of care for your furry or hooved companions. We are here to help, whatever your concern.

These are Our Services

Small Animals

We know as well as anyone that your cherished pet is part of your family. We consider it a privilege to be entrusted with your pet's veterinary care. That is why our whole team works hard to provide the very best veterinary care services for you and them.

Health Care Plans

We offer a Healthy Pet Plan that has been designed to create great value for your pet's preventative healthcare needs. For a monthly fee, membership of the plan provides peace of mind that many of the costs of your pet’s routine veterinary requirements are covered.


We can ensure your animal has the protection he or she needs, whilst ensuring we do not vaccinate more often than is necessary. Do contact us to discuss the benefits of vaccination and the range of vaccinations we offer.

Nursing Clinics

Our Registered Veterinary Nurses are able to provide a wide range of specialised nursing clinics. These include mobility/arthritis clinics, weight management, diabetes management, puppy/kitten checks, geriatric clinics and much more. We have a fantastic team of caring and supportive nurses for any journey that your pet may need to take.

Laparoscopic Spay

Whilst Laparoscopic surgery has become the gold standard for a wide range of operations in humans, it is still far less common for procedures on animals. It requires a substantial investment in both specialist equipment and the additional training of veterinary surgeons. Therefore, many veterinary practices do not consider this a viable option. However, the benefits for both pets and owners, over some traditional open abdominal surgery procedures, are clear-with reduced levels of pain for the patient, less risk of complications and a quicker recovery time just a few of the important considerations for pet owners. This is why we have invested in being able to provide this procedure.

In-House Laboratory

Our in-house lab offers same day results for a range of tests, giving you the peace of mind when your pet is unwell, providing a quick and efficient service.

Dental Care

Regular dental care is important in maintaining not only your pet's teeth but for his or her overall health. We are well equipped to perform routine dental procedures, and many animals benefit from dental X-rays to help diagnose and guide treatment.

Pet Travel

We offer Animal Health Certificates (AHC) for travel with your pet to the EU and can assist in travel to other countries around the World. A number of requirements must be met before you travel. Do ask us for more details.

Out-of-hours, emergency care (24/7)

Together with our trusted providers at The George Veterinary Hospital, we provide an out-of-hours emergency service that is available 24/7, every day of the year. Working together, and with access to patient records, we can ensure continuity of care for your pet or horse and the personal service you should expect.

Equine Care

We also treat horses and each is treated as an individual with tailored care. We understand how much your horse means to you and we work closely with our clients to ensure we achieve the very best outcomes for our patients.

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Following on from the CMA published report, The Sidings Veterinary Practice welcomes the formal market investigation announcement. We would like to reassure all of our clients that we are not part of any of the large corporate groups which the report names and remain committed to being an independent veterinary practice. Full estimates of treatment costs have, and always will be, provided when required or requested.

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